Helpless Blonde Whores in Rope Bondage!

In this brutal sadisticrope shoot, you get to have two all natural, tall, hot blondes begging to get punished. Things start out with them standing side by side waiting anxiously for whatever is going to happen. The Pope enters from the shadows behind them, and inspects their bodies. They both fall under the pain of a severe flogging, spankings, and then a nasty crotch rope is added to their pussies. More and more weight is added to inflict more pain until these helpless sluts are pulled away from the wall in agony. Next you will see that these two whores find themselves in a brutal predicament. Dylan is on her back and made to hold her legs in the air to keep from chocking out Ella. Again the pain takes control and we see Dylan’s lean body give out, and Ella suffer the consequences. Their rope bondage torment is finished off with both girls bound on the floor and both controlled and manhandled. They are instructed to position themselves so that one is on her back and the other grinding her cunt in the others face. Dunking ensues, and both of these whores get their heads shoved under water. Their bodies have grown weak by now, and they are helpless to his desires.

Brutal SadisticRope Torment

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Viewer discretion is advised! This update some of the most intense and brutal sadisticrope torment you could ever hope to see. This may be disturbing for some to watch. You have been WARNED!

If you elect to continue, you will get to enjoy how this slut suffers so perfectly. She knows exactly how sadistic I am, so this will live up to what you have been warned about. There is not one part of this update that is acting, this is about as real as it gets. The box her head is in, is made of two way mirrors, so that we can see in, but she cannot see out. We get to see her true reactions of fear inside of our deprivation box while being toyed with using a cattle prod and tied in a stress position. To make this sadistirope torture even better, be forewarned that the water boarding scene will warp your soul as you watch her suffer through fourteen minutes of this. We shot it with no holds, or cuts, so that you can witness the true non-stop mind fuck she has to endure.

The Most Brutal Rope Bondage

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